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Where Under
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Over the Eyes
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Nows Important
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Selected works

Where Under (2010)

“What was the first sound heard? It was the caress of the waters”
-R. Murray Schaffer

“The wise man delights in water.”

Sadly inspired by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, “Where Under” asks us to take a different perspective of the importance of our clean water; as life forms born of water, evolved from water, and constructed primarily of water. Shot and recorded in Northern Portugal within the Rio Paiva, the cleanest river in Europe; the film is composed of an underwater ballet and sound composition provoking us to consider the importance of this underwater world.

Sound co-composition: Rui Costa
Underwater sound and video recordings: Andrea Parkins, Rui Costa, Maile Colbert
Production residency: Binaural/Nodar

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Ice Thaw Chorus (2008)

Commissioned for Klaus Nomi tribute show at Galleria Aus18 in Milano, Italy, 2008

Interview with Maile Colbert

Over the Eyes (2009)

Over the Eyes from Maile Colbert on Vimeo.

Created at Binaural art residency fall 2007, Nodar, Portugal

Interview with the artist Maile Colbert

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I'm Awake Now, Let's Get Lost (2007)

Music video created for the collaborative effort of the French band Nape and composer Tellemake, 2007

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Nows Important (2006)

Single channel video premiered at the Turn the Screws Festival in Los Angeles, 2006

Out (2003)

Out (2003) is an optically printed experimental film portraying Lady Macbeth’s nervous breakdown in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. As the actor paces nervously back and forth across the set, ringing his hands anxiously, his body splits, top leaving bottom. The image doubles, the speed quickens. Optical effects manipulate the image with the rhythm of anxiety. The structure climaxes, falling into an eerie calm. Using a technique called “weaving”, the image moves in and out of the darkness, until he is completely enveloped. The soundtrack is composed by the acclaimed Avante Garde jazz bassist, Mark Dresser, and electronic musician Davis Kendall.

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Butterflyweed (2002)

Single channel video work made in 2002, premiered at the Portland International Experimental and Documentary Film Festival. "I want to describe a feeling felt at the age of seven re-occurring, i have not found the words to yet describe.


Night Light Shake (2002)

Single channel video inspired by a poem by her brother, Ian Colbert, Night Light Shake premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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gama ray (2001)

Early work from 2001, premiered at the New York Video Festival.
Phantom limbs closely monitored.

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