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Earthquake Detector performance series with Maile Colbert
Passageira australis
Come Kingdom Come
Passageira em Casa
Open Decallation
Wadada Leo Smith's Organic, Sons d'Hiver
Decalled Upon Performance Reel
Where Under
Transit Project Reel
Over the Eyes

artwork | performance, live video and sound


Selected works

Earthquake Detector series with Maile Colbert

Sound by Maile Colbert, based on composition score and for live video performance by Ana Carvalho
June 2013
Presented at Arranjos Experimentais Cultura Numérica Audiovisual, Paço das Artes, São Paulo

Passageira Australis

iAir artist-in-residency at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with the interdisciplinary performance "Passageira australis", Melbourne, Australia

Come Kingdom Come


May 2013
Sintoma Festival, Porto, Portugal

Activate the Medium, The Lab, San Francisco, 2012

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passageira em casa

still frames passageira

Project page

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Open Decallation (2012)

Video: Maile Colbert
Sound: Maile Colbert and Simon Whetham
Production: Granular and Opensound

A decal is a shadow of its former context, an object on its own, a trace of its former self. "Open Decallation" as well refers to recall and recollection. Its main sources are various text chats and messages composed between members of the Opensound group during the production process. Run like a salon to promote discussion in the midst of experiencing the audio/visual aspects of the work, "Open Decallation" acts as a living catalog of an event and its production. A special thank you for Granular and the fine folk at Opensound.

Wadada Leo Smith's Organic, Sons d'Hiver (2012)

Live capture of video projection created for Wadada Leo Smith's Organic at the Sons d'Hiver Festival in Paris, February 2012.

Wadada Leo Smith - composition, trumpet
Angelica Sanchez - piano
Brandon Ross - electric guitar
Lamar Smith - electric guitar
Michael Gregory - electric guitar
Okkyung Lee - cello
John Lindberg - double bass
Skuli Sverrisson - electric bass
Pheeroan Aklaff - drums
Jesse Gilbert - live visuals
Maile Colbert - live camera

Roulette, NYC 2011

Jazz em Agosto, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011

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Decalled Upon Performance reel

Documentation of the Decalled Upon intermedia performance
Part of Decalcomania, The Exchange Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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where under

where under images form video

“What was the first sound heard? It was the caress of the waters”
-R. Murray Schaffer

“The wise man delights in water.”

Sadly inspired by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, “Where Under” asks us to take a different perspective of the importance of our clean water; as life forms born of water, evolved from water, and constructed primarily of water. Shot and recorded in Northern Portugal within the Rio Paiva, the cleanest river in Europe; the film is composed of an underwater ballet and sound composition provoking us to consider the importance of this underwater world.

sound co-composition: Rui Costa
underwater sound and video recordings: Andrea Parkins, Rui Costa, Maile Colbert
production residency: Binaural/Nodar


September 29th 2009
Asymmetrick Gallery, Camden International Film Festival, Rockland, ME.

October 5th 2009
MassArt Film Society, screening room one, Boston, MA.

October 14th 2009
EMF studios, Ear to Earth Festival presentation NYC, NY.


October 8th 2009
Music and audio research, NYU, NYC, NY.

October 16th 2009
Ear to Earth children's underwater workshop, EMF studios, 307 7th Ave 1402, NYC, NY.

October 22nd 2009
SUNY Buffalo Media Studies, Buffalo, NY.

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Transit Project Reel

A project in collaboration with Maile Colbert and Paul Bradley

Premiered in 2008 at the Centro del Carmen (Valencia, Spain) for OBSERVATORI 08 – International Festival of Artistic Investigation


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Over the Eyes

Over the Eyes from Maile Colbert on Vimeo.

Created at Binaural art residency fall 2007, Nodar, Portugal

Interview with the artist Maile Colbert

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