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Come Kingdom Come
Passageira da Água
Envelope Petals
Três anos em Nodar
Three Years in Nodar

Resonant Embers
Compost and Height
Meditations on Light
Sightseeing For The Blind
Störung V.3.0

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Come Kingdom Come

Two Acorns

Come Kingdom Come is an experimental opera concerning millennialism and apocalyptic thought and theory; an exploratory comparison of this past turn of the millennium to it’s prior. The opera uses The Book of Revelations as a score and launching point, mixing the poetry of Ian Colbert with medieval chant, sung with the sublime voice of classically trained soprano, Gabriela Crowe under the direction of Maile Colbert. The work was then shaped and molded by Maile towards a tapestry of rapturous desire, a desperate and beautiful search of meaning, and a whirlwind ecstatic joy and fear.

Come Kingdom Come is available in a custom 6-panel sleeve, and a glass-mastered CD.

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Passageira da Água

Mixed down narrative soundtrack from "Passageira em Casa"
Sound Devices, Dublin, Ireland



"Revival" exhibit and album, soundtrack including my latest song "Helen's Hands".

Center For Contemporary Arts - Muñoz Waxman Front Gallery
March 9 – April 14, 2013

Collaborating with an array of musicians, Albuquerque-based artist Billy Joe Miller presents the second installment of a larger project that investigates the four seasons through sound and art. For Miller, spring is a time of urgent newness, raw beginnings, cycles, movement and wind. Through mixed media, a live concert and a special edition CD, Revival explores the many layers of vernal temperament.

Envelope Petals

Mastered by Taylor Deupree, and with remixes by Billy Gomberg, Yann Novak, and Maile Colbert, 'Envelope Petals' is the final completed Chubby Wolf album, now available for the first time exclusively digitally.

Available here



An album of graceful crystalline hum by Maile Colbert, a multi-media artist based in Portugal. The music is inspired by experiences of loss, but this is not oppressive or dark music at all. Rather, Colbert‘s assured tones take inspiration from the process of grieving and emerge as bright, reflective electronic music.

A collaborative track with Chubby Wolf, aka sound artist Dani Long, is presented here as a loving tribute after Long’s untimely death. Pop/opera performance artist Klaus Nomi is remembered with a piece based on samples of his music. Colbert the film-maker dedicates a piece to Stan Brakhage, acknowledging the pioneering film-maker’s impact on her own visual artwork. Elsewhere on For, Colbert finds depth in collaboration and partnership with her husband, the sound artist Rui Costa. Using analog and digital synthesizers, field recordings of children in Tehran, voices, cello, pipe organ, VLF recordings of space-weather activity in the magnetosphere, hydrophonic recordings and more, For is a moving statement about family, community, and friendship.


01 Day for Arrival (with Rui for future)
02 Fall Leave Tumble Song (for past)
03 Benfica Water Window Moving (for Stan Brakahge)
04 What Petal Released...(with Chubby Wolf for Dani and Will)
05 Ice Thaw Chorus (for Klaus Nomi and Antonio)
06 Her Light Dappled Upon (score by Jez Reily French for Isolde)
07 Golden Chariot Bore Me Away (with Robin Dicker for being true)
08 A Fluid Pre-dawn Red-orange (for present)




01 being
02 swept still sleep
03 again after v.
04 primitive
05 Sanborn's Theme
06 Mass Observation theme
07 Broken Camera Sunset

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TrÊs Anos em Nodar/Three Years in Nodar

Published by Edições Nodar (Portugal)

Compilation retrospective of 20 sound works in 2 CDs, part of the catalogue printed publication with the same name.

resonant embers

edition sonoro / Twenty Hert (United Kingdom)

Compilation CD
Featuring Paul Bradley, Maile Colbert ("Day of Anger act five"; "A fluid dawn"), jgrzinich, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter and Ubeboet.

Mandorla (Mexico)

Autumn Net-Project Vol.4 / Coming Soon 2012
"Golden Chariot Bore Me Away"

Autumn Soundscapes / Mandorla Netlabel 010 / 2008
A Net-Compilation focused on Field Recordings/Soundscape Composition/Digi &
Electro-Acoustics, including tracks of: Dale Lloyd, Christopher McFall, Scott Taylor, Mario de Vega, Asher, Kim Cascone, Francisco Lopez, Tô, Manrico Montero, Marcel Türkowsky, Macumbista, Rui Costa, Maile Colbert ("Fall Leave Tumble Song"), Phil Thomson, Gabriel Hernandez, Dallas Simpson, Sebastien Roux, Akira Rabelais.

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Compost and Height (United Kingdom)

"Fall Leave Tumble Song"

The base of the song is a recording of a city park in Tehran at midnight, recorded by Vahid Sadjadi. Using Akira Rabelais's Argeïphontes Lyre program it is mutated, meshed, mixed with a recording I made of the Magnetosphere in Joshua Tree Desert at dawn...the dawn chorus. The rest was shaped and molded to follow and play with the lament of the children’s stretched swings and calls and midnight passes and they grow old.

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Meditations on Light

Monochrome Vision (Russia)

Reconstructions of Simon Whetham's composition 'Lightyears' by: Fourm, Richard Lainhart, Philippe Petit, mise_en_scene, Maile Colbert, Scanner, Christopher McFall, David Wells, Iris Garrelfs, Yann Novak, Lawrence English & John Kannenberg

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Sightseeing For The Blind

1000füssler (Germany)

RUI COSTA and FRIENDS: Marc Behrens, Gregory Büttner, Maile Colbert, Bill Jarboe, Pali Meursault

Störung V.3.0

Störung (Spain)

Compilation CD: Paul Bradle, Daniele Cortese + Crab Fisher, Asférico + Elufo, Thanos Chrysakis + Dario Bernal-Villegas, TCO, Maile Colbert, Federico Monti, LB^LC and Vitor Joaquim

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